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  • Precision Conservation Management

The Business Case for Conservation: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Conservation Practices

The PCM program was created by farmers, for farmers, to assist in the evaluation of on-farm conservation decisions.

The program began with a Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) award through the USDA in 2015. Since that time, the program has expanded from four Illinois regions to seven, one in Kentucky, and one in Nebraska.

The objective of PCM is to work oneon-one with farmers to help them understand the costs and benefits of adopting new conservation practices. By joining PCM, farmers agree to allow PCM to aggregate and anonymize their data in a way that demonstrates how conservation practices affect both environmental outcomes and farm incomes.

The advantage of PCM to individual farmers is that they have their own PCM specialist who helps them make decisions about adopting conservation practices in a financially responsible way.

Download the report below for more information.

Download PDF • 6.55MB


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